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How to clean car seat cover


We in order to keep warm in winter will add his car for a more beautiful seat cover, this is if you have a lot of things to do, but time a long seat cover is easy to dirty, clean up is very troublesome, that is why many people don't have car seat covers, how to wash the car seat covers, many novice drivers more concern, today small make up summarizes some related tips, let us at the time of cleaning easier.

Cleaning method of pile cover

1. If there is slight pollution, please dip clean wool into wool dry cleaner and gently wipe the wool surface. After removing the dirt, dip clean towel into water and clear soap solution. When necessary, also can use hairdryer to blow dry.

2, the use of dry cleaning spray, according to the instructions before use shake well, from the dirt after 15-20 cm spray, special white dry, with a handkerchief or with a thin stick to remove the dust absorption powder, new, wet, fat oil stains need to repeat a few times.

3. In case of serious stains, it should be handled by professional cleaners. Please do not wash by your own choice or at a cleaner without warranty. To avoid causing unnecessary losses.