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What's the good material for the car seat?


Winter is coming, hurry to dress up your car for the winter. Car seat cushion as a kind of adornment is more and more important now, a suitable car seat cushion can let us drive not only when the mood is good, still won't feel sleepy, the kind of car seat cushion is also very much, how should choose? Which cushion fits your car?

Function of car seat cushion

1, a set of good cushion, for a long time driving the owner is very necessary, especially in the summer, hygroscopicity and better air permeability cushion, can let the owner in the process of driving more comfortable.

2, protect leather seats, for leather seats, seat cushion can play a protective role, to prevent stains and sharp knife on the damage to the leather.

3, health promotion blood circulation, eliminate tension and fatigue, to achieve the purpose of health care, now the car seat cushion is very many types, a variety of functions of the seat cushion to play a different role.

4, beautiful now a lot of car seat on beautiful had a new breakthrough, a good seat will stretch the taste of the whole car, a bad seat is counterproductive.