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Tips for seat cover installation


1. Front seat:


(1) the car seat cover purchased should be clearly separated from the front and back and left and right first. It can be aligned perfectly by looking at the driver's seat facing in and the airbag hole facing out.


(2) when the installation of the left and right sides of the distinction between the water pipe under the head pad, the car water pipe is on the outside of the seat and then sewn on the plastic hose. Both sides of the rubber belt, with iron wire and other fasteners to tie, otherwise it is easy to go through the shell, and then use the iron hook in front of the seat is the bag under the belt, many people will adjust the seat looser.

If there are pleats, it is because they have not been tensioned. In the process of installation, they need to be tensioned repeatedly for many times to completely adjust the two sides until they are close to each other.


2. Back seat:

(1) most cars just lift into the back seat and slowly turn it into a corner. During the period must adjust the seat to the appropriate position, and then slowly buckle, if the word is because the position is not adjusted correctly to adjust again.


(2) if all around is hose we can choose to cover directly, conduit is pressed into aperture directly OK. If the back seat is a special seat cover, it has detailed instructions on the process, collection of the model, cross-check the model of course you are a local luxury can buy, because the price is quite "optimistic".


3. Summary before and after:

(1) due to the particularity of the car cushion cover, the installation process should be cut out meticulously, put into the gap to be accurate. In order to avoid rework in the process of secondary damage, leading to the purchase of sadness. I hope you can use the above steps in practice and not be brainwashed blindly.

(2) and before you buy different brands and different types of car seat covers, you can first look at the installation instructions they give you, some are simple paste, some are complicated clipping. In addition, it is not easy to choose slippery materials in the process of selection, which will bring a lot of traffic hazards.

(3) choose the right one and feel comfortable no matter how troublesome the installation